Apr 30th Short Service Outage

There was a short service outage lasting about 20 minutes from 4/30/2016 1:08am to 1:37am U.S. Central Time.

Website and Fremont server were affected.

It has been fully restored now.

Mar 2nd Scheduled Maintenance: Affecting Fremont VPN Server

There is a scheduled maintenance on 3/3/2016 1pm Central US Time (3/4/2016 3am China Standard Time).We will perform an upgrade on memory of our system. The maintenance will last about 15 minutes.During that time, the Fremont VPN server will be down, as well as our websites.Tokyo VPN server, Singapore VPN server and Hong Kong VPN server will NOT be ... Read More »

Feb 29th Tokyo Server Change

Tokyo server has changed its address due to China’s censorship. The new address can be found here: https://wormholevpn.net/help/ We have released the new Dedicated Hong Kong Server! This is dedicated and only for users who has bought Hong Kong Pass, so it is Speed Guaranteed (especially for users in Mainland China). Check it out ... Read More »

Feb 1st Tokyo Server is Blocked in China

 -- We're Changing to a New IP Address

Qi Xi

Nov 25th Wormhole VPN is Back

Great News--

Wormhole VPN is back to Mainland China!

Aug 31st Updates from Wormhole VPN Regarding China's Internet Censorship

Hi, You are receiving this email because you are a user of Wormhole VPN. We have sent email notifications to you on August 28, to let you know that Wormhole VPN is now completely blocked in China Mainland. This is due to the upcoming military parade in Beijing, and most of the commercial VPNs are affected. According to unconfirmed sources, the ... Read More »

Aug 28th Wormhole VPN is blocked in China

Hi, This is a short but emergent announcement that Wormhole VPN is now being blocked by Mainland China. After our investigations, we have found that our main domains wormholevpn.com and wormholelab.com are both affected by China Mainland Government's Internet Censorship, as well as the server IP addresses. It means that neither Seattle nor Tokyo ... Read More »

Jun 1st Watch out your email address!

Please make sure to use an email service that you CAN access! CHECK YOUR EMAIL after ordering.
You need the information in that email. Trust me.

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